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Getting ready to bird the Rio Grande by canoe. One of the best—and most underutilized —ways of seeing area specialties.

On the river under the experienced eye of guide Bob Powell, in the rear. For a number of reasons, none of them very good, the lower Rio Grande is used surprisingly little for recreational purposes. For our selfish purposes, that ’s kind of nice.

Oregon/Arizona birders relive the day. Despite the pictures, we really aren’t just a bunch of wine drinkers at Casa Santa Ana. We drink other things, too.

Casa Santa Ana owners Judy and John McClung stake out the butterfly garden looking for hummers, butterflies, Jabaru’s, lizards, dung beetles, whatever! While most guests are focused on birds and butterflies/dragonflies, the fact is the Valley is home to a great many fascinating insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. The plants, too, are varied and compelling, from the handsome Texas Ebony trees and wild olives to the tiny “shy weed ” that folds in on itself when you touch it.

Casa Santa Ana
3239 South Tower Road
Alamo, Texas 78516
(956) 783-5540