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East Coast birders eager to get going: first, you have your picture taken, then you …

Pile into the van for the drive to Falcon Dam, and a day’s birding in the Upper Valley. The area around Falcon, about 75 miles west of Casa Santa Ana, is rolling hills and dry land scrub habitat that is home to a significantly different mix of birds than the mid-Valley. Think Brown Jay, Audubon ’s Oriole, Muscovy Duck and Red-billed Pigeon, for example.

Good friends Audrey and John Martin, creators of the Valley Land Fund. The land fund program has made great strides in convincing Valley farmers and Ranchers of the value of ecotourism, and in educating area children and their parents about the very special birds, insects and animals that share the Valley with them. And, the organization has purchased, preserved and rehabilitated key birding locations for the benefit of all.

Board of Directors of the Valley Land Fund. The unique and innovative VLF photography competition has evolved into the biggest prize money wildlife photography contest in the world. Front table, left to right, are Willeen and Neal King; Allen Williams, Amy Johnson and Danny Vela. Allen’s nearby back yard has become the South Texas version of the Patagonia Rest Stop in recent years, featuring among others a Blue Mockingbird, a Slate-throated Redstart, and a Black-headed Nightingale Thrush.

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