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RHINOCEROUS BEETLE:  Enormous, powerful for their size, and absolutely harmless, the males have obvious “horns” above their eyes that give them their common name.  Quite common to abundant at times in the summer.

FOUR-LINED SKINK:  Not a great picture, but this beautiful reptile is quite common on our grounds, where it is often found in damp, overgrown locations.  Seemingly positioned between the lizards and their amphibious cousins, the skink has a very smooth, slick skin that is a pleasure to stroke—although the skink doesn’t much appreciate the attention.  There are many species of reptiles and amphibians to be found at CSA, especially during the wet times of the year.

Season of the Toads:  Sometimes during wet weather, especially in the spring and fall, we experience a population explosion of Great Plains Narrowmouth Toads. These little guys were rescued from the swimming pool in just one morning.  All are Narrowmouths except the slightly larger fellow in the upper right with the pale line down the middle of his back;  he's a Coastal Bend Toad.  We find many frog and toad species at the B&B.  

HAPPY HOME OWNER:  Mexican Tree Frogs are big, noisy, colorful amphibians (as tree frogs go).  This individual found himself a perfect home in the core of a bromeliad on our porch.  After a good summer rain, these frogs pop up everywhere at Casa Santa Ana--but they don't always wear as big a smile as this happy home owner.  

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