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Photos taken at Casa Santa Ana feeding station
courtesy of master photographer John Jones

GREAT KISKADEE: A great favorite of all birders in the Rio Grande Valley, the Kiskadee—named for his raucous call—is a friendly, curious and beautiful resident of mixed habitat in South Texas. Equally at home in urban and rural environments, the sassy Kiskadee seems at times to enjoy watching you about as much as you do watching him.

GOLDEN-FRONTED WOODPECKER: Another favorite at Casa Santa Ana, he’s loud, brazen, and beautiful. There are only two common woodpeckers in the Valley, the Golden-fronted and the Ladder-backed, and this bird is the larger and noisier of the two, by far. He pretty much demands your attention, and he deserves it.

ALTAMIRA ORIOLE: A large, bold oriole dressed up in fiery orange, jet black and bright white, this Valley specialty has a voice to match his feathers, often singing a lovely, slow and melodious song. Look for the obvious orange epaulette on his upper wing to confirm his identification.

WHITE-TIPPED DOVE: Another true Valley specialty, the understated White-tipped Dove often is first glimpsed waddling rapidly away through the thick brush, giving you just enough of a look to make you groan in frustration. But be patient with this shy, elegant fellow, and sooner or latter he’ll reward you with great looks.

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