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Photos taken at Casa Santa Ana feeding station
courtesy of master photographer John Jones

CURVE-BILLED THRASHER: A fairly common bird throughout the Southwest, the Rio Grande Valley subspecies is a candidate for full species status, so be sure to add him to your list as an “escrow” bird. Taxonomy aside, these are wonderful birds—bold, adventuresome and endlessly curious. And, they’re great songsters, in keeping with mos t all thrashers.

INCA DOVE/COMMON GROUND DOVE: Two tiny, unassuming doves with elegant, understated plumage and impeccable good manners, these two common species frequently are overlooked, but shouldn’t be. Often found together, in open areas and dense vegetation alike, they go quietly about their business, peacefully searching the ground for seeds. Listen for the Ground Dove’s monotonous tu tu tu, and the Inca’s “whirl pool” song.

CHACHALACA: Some observers think this big denizen of heavy brush habitat looks like a turkey, others like a pheasant, others like nothing they’ve ever seen before. Regardless, he is another of the best known birds in South Texas, moving with incredible agility that belies his awkward appearance along the entangled Mesquite branc h highway he calls home. There’s nothing quite like a dawn chorus of shrieking Chachalacas to confirm you’re in the Valley.


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