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This is what some of our guests had to say after staying at Casa Santa Ana.

This is a perfect B&B for birders. Birder-owned, with Valley specialties on the property and in ideal proximity to the best locales, it offers just a few quiet , comfortable rooms. A community kitchen has all the comforts of home, and self-selected foods from a variety of fresh sources await each party in labeled containers, available for a pre-dawn breakfast. There is no extroversion requirement.

I can’t guarantee that every visit will be rewarded, as was ours, with a list that includes Green-breasted Mango, White-throated Robin, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, and Social Flycatcher, but I can guarantee restful, beautifully appointed rooms-furnished with John’s fine museum-quality woodworking. No more cheap Valley motels! Before and after a long day in the field, don’t we deserve this luxury and comfort-or if we don’t think we do, don’t our partners? Everything about Casa Santa Ana is perfect, and Lynette and I plan to stay there every time we return to the Valley.

Macklin Smith - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Beautiful, first class, great idea. This is right where we want to be.
Peggy W., Fran J., Joe J., Tony W., Paul M., San Antonio, TX
This is a great place, and a perfect location. You have made everything so comfortable. I’ll be back.
Kay S., Houston, TX
This home is simply elegant. I would come here often if I were not so far away.
Vicki H., Grove, OK
You have outdone yourselves: homemade quiche, blueberries and delicious papaya. What next? Watching the Buff-bellied hummers guarding all the feeders! Listening to the Pauraques! Seeing all the rhinoceros beetles..the Discovery Channel would be hard pressed to match it.
Wanda, Sergio and Annie H., Houston, TX
Washington Post, 9/28/03: "The Best Lttle Bird house In Texas," by reporter Carol Scottili. Where to stay: "...possibilities include Casa Santa Ana," one of just four places recommended.
This was the nicest, cleanest, and best organized B@B we have ever stayed in. The service was on a par with the leading hotels of the world. We thank you so much for your home in South Texas.
John K., Fairfield, IA
I had a great time in your place. I also had a great feeling surrounded by a great nature!
K.O., Tokyo, Japan
This was our first B@B experience, and it was a memorable one. I love the décor of the rooms. We'll be back.
Teresa & Frank D., El Paso, TX
Thanks for the Tropical Parula and the Clay-colored Robin. We enjoyed everything.
Marianne & Michael W., Weathersfield, VT
Casa Santa Ana is the best! I especially liked being able to eat breakfast whenever-but best of all were our knowledgeable and caring hosts.
Carolyn S., Wyckoff, NJ
Dallas Morning News, 9/22/03: Article by reporter Mary Lu Abbott. "Southeast of McAllen, Casa Santa Ana was built... with birding and wildlife enthusiasts in mind... The inn borders the famed Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge... and serves as a good base for exploring other Valley sites."
The birding was great! It was the perfect place for our first trip as Mr. and Mrs. M.
Rhonda & David. M., Chelsea, AL
We all have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at CSA. Your facilities are splendid..Your help with our birding adventures was very much appreciated.
Roger & Maryanna C., and Bill & Margo J., San Antonio and Missouri City, TX
Thanks for your hospitality and the extra bonus of the birding trip to Falcon State Park. This was the perfect place to stay in all regards.
Judith R., Orono, ME
What a delight! Thanks for a great stay in a great place.
Don & Cathy J., Missoula, MT
What a perfectly lovely place you have. I will recommend Casa Santa Ana to everyone I know who is coming this way.
Jackie M., Hoboken, NJ
We so enjoyed our all too brief stay at Casa Santa Ana..We will be back, and we will send our friends.
Suzanne and Rupert - Austin, T
We love Casa Santa Ana. We will always remember your kindness when we think of the Slate-throated Redstart.
Jim & Carolyn G., Dayton, OH
Brownsville Herald, 12/4/02: Article by Cecilia Barnard. "Guests from far and wide have found their way to this..hotel. Vermont, Maine, New York, and Scottland are just a few of the homes noted in the Casa Santa Ana guest book. A delegation from Japan holds the title of the longest distance traveled."
A special place. I’ll always remember "The great Pauraque hunt," and how close we were able to get.
Cindy L., Albuquerque, NM
Thank you for taking us on the night tour for a Pauraque-that just might end up being the bird of the trip for me. Your backyard in the evenings feels like being on a safari in Africa.
J. Watts. & Douglas S., Los Osos, CA
What a wonderful place in a wonderful location. We’re still missing a few local rarities, so we’ll be back. P.S.: not the Green Kingfisher, though-we saw two at Santa Ana and one at Bentsen!
Barry & Cindy K., Atlanta, GA
Houston Chronicle, 4/13/03: "Nest for a Night" by Gary Clark. "The inn stands only 200 yards from the internationally acclaimed Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, a choice spot for birders and butterfly watchers... Sit in a lounge chair on the covered veranda surrounding the inn during the ealry morning or late afternoon and listen to bird sounds and trickling water from the nearby garden pond. Hummingbirds and butterflies abound."
You have a beautiful home and a 5 star B&B. The stay was perfect. I’ll be back for sure.
Peggy S., Harpswell, MA
We had a great stay. Casa Santa Ana is very quiet and peaceful. The grapefruit was delicious. We enjoyed the Rose-throated Becard and the Buff-bellied hummers.
Jane S. and Emma H., La Canada, CA
Thanks for having us. We would have liked to have stayed longer. Hope you make a great success of the Casa. We'll be in touch when we get back.
Eric & Lesley M., Perth, UK
Perfect, simply perfect!
Carolyn T., St. Thomas, VI
Casa Santa Ana is an Eden for birding and wildlife enthusiasts. Beyond the beautiful rooms, a broad veranda faces a koi pond and gardens, all designed to attract birds and butterflies.Casa Santa Ana guests return home with priceless birding tales-like hearing the distinctive "pur-wheeer" of the Pauraque and tracking its source in the Tamaulipan scrubthorn habitat that borders the manicured yard. Or the serendipity of seeing a (newly discovered rarity) thanks to Judy’s knock on their door to relay a "hot-off-the-press" rare bird alert.
Maxine Mayes - Texas Highways Magazine - February, 2005
Your supplying us with TexBirds printouts added immensely to our birding adventures. We’ll tell all our friends who plan to come here that Casa Santa Ana is the best place to stay in the Valley. You go over the top in comfort and food (great fruit!).
Owen C., Yorgee and Joanne J. Sarasota, FL

This was great--the place, the food, the information, Pauraque tour and the lovely bird feeding station.  We'd love to come back!

Cathy and Herb G

What a wonderful, pleasant, clean, comfortable home base for wildlife spectacles ranging from garden Buff-bellies to last evening's kettles of THOUSANDS of Mississippi Kites....


Baine K and Cindy C, Bolder, Colorado
This place is perfection!  The time and care you invested in every little detail...enriched us.
Roland and Rachel G

We just love this place.  Great room, great breakfast, and the butterfly gardens just got better and better!  Of course, they are so distracting we can't tear ourselves away to go to other places.

Carol and Dave S., Rochester, NY
Strategic location. Wonderful concept.  Masterful realization.   Fine hospitality.   
Minneapolis, MN
We are kindergarten birders and learned so much.  We truly appreciate all the daily things you do to maintain such a wonderful birding environment.
Duce and Chris C., Lakeland, FL
I appreciate the small inn concept here.  More privacy than a B&B, but beautiful common space to talk with others if you wish.  The best feature is you and others...who have welcomed me and been patient with all my questions about where to get the best bird photos.   
Bob B., Cleveland, OH
Wonderful place, great breakfasts.  Thanks for the Pauraque in the yard, the Yellow-breasted Chat by the fish pond. 
V, B, M, P S and G, Naturalist Journeys
You run a sterling B&B--the best we've ever stayed in.  The birds were excellent, as well.
Doug and Maggie C.

What a lovely oasis from the formula hotels along the highway.  We enjoyed your hospitality, your feeding station, your expertise, and your perfect location.

Alan and Jackie K.

Oakland, CA


Excellent.  Should be on every birder's top ten accommodations list for the world.

J and A

Duncan, BC





Casa Santa Ana
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